How to Build Your Own Photobooth Using the shootcase® DIY Photobooth Case / Shell
Photobooth Case for Sale: The Chassis Kit Package
If you're on a budget, Have your own camera or printer you'd like to use or even just like to tinker our versitile chassis kit is the right option for you. Our shootcase® chassis kit is more than just the bare bones. The chasssis ships fully assembled and the package includes a huge array of components to help you create your ultimate photobooth. Builds can take as little as an afternoon to complete following our step video demonstration of the build process. If you can set up a PC you'll do just fine!
Build Guide Video Screen Shot
The full contents of the self build kit are as follows

Fully assembled shootcase® aluminium chassis
Adjustable camera mount
'white Label' unbranded front and rear perspex covers
Power distribution unit and external inlet installed
7x power leads for the power supply
2 x external USB connections
2 x externalHDMI connections
1 x external RJ45 connection
1 x external AUX connection
LED modelling lights with remote and holder
Wireless keyboard and holder
12V power supply for fans an accessories
12V splitter and extensions
Camera accessory 'cold shoe' mount
Blank expansion panel
Non-Bownes flash spigot adapter
Cable ties
Cable wrap
Cable clips
Fan wiring cable
USB - Mini USB lead for charging the keyboard
USB A-B lead for your printer

The chassis comes with all the mounts and fixings you will need. The power supply and internal cabling is also supplied. You just need to source and install the following items to complete the build.
Recommended Cameras from Canon
Recommended Cameras

The shootcase® photo booth shell has enough adjustably to suit a wide range of cameras. We prefer canon camera's as they are widely supported by the major photo booth software suites. Any of the following models are economical to buy and powerful enough to capture stunning images combined with shootcases lighting system.

From Canons current line up we recommend the 1300D(AKA Rebel T6), The 200(AKA SL2) and the 750D(AKA T6i) all with the standard 18-55 lens. It's worth noting that the 1300D/T6 does not feature an AUX port which rues out using any external microphones with the shootcase for video. Older versions of these models will work well if you have something you have already.

Locate your local distributer here
Bowens 400RX Flash Head & Elinchrom D-Lite RX One.
Recommended Flash Heads/Strobes

Bownes Gemini 400RX

This flash head works perfectly with shootcase® shell. It's a very well made, Reliable, Professional level flash head designed for the rigours of the commercial world. The unique design makes it possible to mount the head without the arm making for very compact and sturdy installation. The reflector can be removed completely allowing the light to emit globally which works perfectly in our soft box enclosure to produce wonderfully soft lighting.

Locate your local distributer here

The Elinchrom D-Lite RX One.

This compact and lightweight Elinchrom strobe packs less power and is a little less sturdy in it's construction and the Bowens. However it's significantly cheaper, Dual voltage and readily available worldwide. For those looking for something with more power there are also 200W/S and 400W/S versions of this model.

For more info visit
Shuttle DS81, Asus VivoMini VC65 and Lenovo Think Centre Tiny
Recommended Computers

The majority of 'small form factor' PC's will fit inside the shootcase. Many such models are sold with VESA mounts included and these will screw directly to the shootcases chassis. The chassis features mounting holes for a verity VESA patterns 75x75 100x100 and 200x200. Here are a few of the current options that are commonly available and well suited to life inside a shootcase.

Shuttle DS81/DH110
Shuttle global website

Lenovo Think Centre Tiny
Lenovo global website

Asus VivoMini VC65
Asus global website

Ideally you are looking for 6 USB ports to allow you to connect all your equipment internally and use the two external USB ports on the shootcase chassis. A HDMI input along side VGA or Display port will allow you to connect one of the extremal HDMI inputs on the shootcases chassis, Leaving the VGA or display port for your touch screen. Look for a spec of 4GB of RAM with an i5 processor or better.

The computer MUST be no larger than 25cm(10”) in height x 30cm (12”) width and 8cm (3”) in depth including the VESA mount to fit.
A Selection of Suitable Printers
Recommended Printers

Mitsubishi CP-D70/ CP-D80/ CP-D60 or DNP DS620

Find your local distributor:


ELO 1790L Zero Bezel Touch Screen
Recommended Touch Screen

We recommended using the ELO 1790L 'Zero Bezel'.

Elo chassis LCD monitors have a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by Elo specifications. Future panel improvements are therefore possible without external changes. Protecting your investment in the shootcase chassis against onbselecance. The 1790L features a wide viewing angle panel along with a unique, injection-molded minibezel and virtually invisible water-resistant seal.

Find out more and where to buy here:
Hot Shoe Adapter
Hot shoe adapter

If your camera doesn't have a Sync or PC socket you'll need one of these to connect the sync lead. Without this the flash will not know when to fire.

Widely available on Ebay, Amazon or your local photographic store.
Canon AC adapter
AC adapter for your camera (optional but recommended)

Having the camera powered from the mains rather than battery is a real advantage. It means you can leave the camera powered on at all times without ever needing to change the battery. Also the camera can be left switched on and will automatically wake when the shootcases chassis is switched on. We recommend using original Canon adapters only. 3rd party AC adapters can cause camera connection issues.

Locate your local distributer here
IEC C13 Power Lead
IEC c13 power lead to plug your shootcase® into the mains
The end of this lead will be C13 to fit the shootcase. The other end to suit your local power supply. This is a common part and widely available. Often used to power TV's. In the UK we call this a kettle lead, That's how much we love drinking tea!

Widely available on Ebay, Amazon or your local electronics store.
Completed Build to Recommended Spec
Five Reasons to DIY and build your own photo booth using a shootcase® shell and chassis kit

1. Cut out the middle man!
Here's a trade secret: Electronics like cameras and PC's are sold online at extremely competitive prices by retailers working on very low margins in huge volumes. Photo booth manufacturers buy comparatively small volumes and as such are able to secure very little discount if any when buying their electronics . Often they will pay the same prices you do! Obviously as businesses they need to mark up these items to cover the cost of the purchase, instillation, support and managing potential returns. By sourcing the electronics yourself you're cutting those costs and we're able to pass substantial savings on to you.

2. Local Warranty
What happens when a part in your complete photo booth develops a fault? If you don't know how your booth is put together how will you diagnose and repair the problem? You might need to return the part to the other end of the country or even overseas leaving you without a working booth for long periods. Building from a shootcase® kit you'll get to know your booth inside out. You'll be able to deal with your local suppliers much faster and replace the parts yourself quickly and easily. You'll also be able to use this knowledge to trouble shoot and fix any issues that might arise much more quickly.

3. Quality Control
You will know exactly what components you are getting. We at shootcase® allways specify our full builds to the highest standards. However, to achieve low retail prices some complete photo booth systems come with cheap, unreliable and un-suitable components installed that don't stand up to the harsh conditions of commercial use. By sourcing your own electronics you'll be able to make sure you're getting professional quality equipment you can rely on. And by cutting out the middle man your finished high end build costs will be comparable with compete systems filled with cheap, unreliable parts.

4. Do it your way
Apart from the printer you'll be able to fit anything you like as long as its within the maximum allowable dimensions. You may already have some components you'd like to fit, or you may be transferring the electronics from another photo booth shell. You might even just want to fit your favourite camera, It's up to you!

5. Import duty
If you are importing a photo booth any customs charges you pay will reduce with purchase value. Since you'll be sourcing your electronics locally you wont pay any duty on these items.
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The shootcase® Slip on Photobooth Cover - Protect your Photobooth Case
The shootcase® Slip on Photobooth Cover - Protect your Photobooth Case
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